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 Empowering Fathers Program

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Doing Homework

Increased self Sufficiency

Engaging fathers in human services programs can help improve economic opportunity and well-being for fathers, children, and families. Many human services programs have historically been targeted more toward mothers therefore neglecting the under-served men and fathers. Both the financial and parenting contributions of both mothers and fathers are equally important in their children’s lives. This leads to self-sufficiency.

Fatherless home statistics

  • 63% of youth suicides.

  • 71% of teenaged pregnancy.

  • 85% of youth in prison. 

  • Children are 4 times more likely to live in poverty.

  • 10 times more likely to use drugs.

  • 14 times more likely to commit rape.

  • 32 times more likely to run away from home.

  • 90 % of homeless youth come from fatherless homes.

  • 85% of children that show behavior disorders.

  • 72% adolescence serving sentences for murder.

  • 71% are high school dropouts.

  • 75% kids are in drug rehabs.

  • 75% are long term correctional facility inmates.

Meet our Fatherhood Advocate team

Brian Counts

Bwana "Bo" Bomani 

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